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Another items arrival today^^ Part 1

Today I finally recieve my 2 items I ordered off of YesAsai. I had quite a struggle on the payment, I used my debit card, and I had a b*tch of a time to confirm it to my payment but that didn't work, so I switch to paypal payment, but I accidently sent my money to PlayAsia and they were very noce to return it back to my account. Then I FINALLY got my payment through on YesAsia...... that was a adventure wasn't it~

So about the items I ordered. One was a photobook: Ultimate Player: Ikemen X Cosplay ... basically cute Japanese guys cosplaying. But all of them all are well known.
Here's some pics I took of the photobook.

The Cover of the photobook>w<

And this is the 1st page of the book and and the1st one I turn too. I couldn't bleive it, AIBA HIROKI~!!!!!!.......... I squee~~ so much when I saw him in it>w< He's my 2nd fave Fuji Shusuke(Kimeru being 1st) in Prince of Tennis musical~!


Ryuki Takahashi cosplaying as Kazuki Hihara from La Corda d'Oro. Ver~y cute^^

Taito Hashimoto(5th cast Fuji in Prince of Tennis musical>w<) cosplaying Azuma Yunoki from La Corda d'oro

Ryo Mitsuya cosplayin as Ryotaro Tsuchiura from La Corda D"oro

Yoshihide Sasaki cosplaying as ROY MUSTANG~~~~~!! EPICNESSSS~!!!>w< There's also Yuya Kido cosplaying as Edward Elric but I thought Roy was more important^^

And here are alot of behind the scenes shots. I would post more pics But I need my sleep. Night Everyone^^