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Item arrival part 2~~

Man its been so long since I posted part 1, aren't I lazy  and just a day ago I had to get my babytooth (that was fused to the bone) taken out>w>

Well, the other items besides the cosplay photobook, I gotten was.....*drum rolls*.... A Seiichi Yukimura Dakimakura(hugging pillow)-like blanket~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay here's the story how I found about this item, it was late November or early December, I was on my daily check on new releasing Prince of Tennis items on YesAsia. And I saw these two items that I couldn't belive I saw, these blankets that are Dakimakura-like because of the design on the blanket. One was Seiichi Yukimura and the other was Shiraishi Kuranosuke, both from Prince of Tennis. I was at amazement that they would release these as an official item. You had to preorder them(they came out at the end of Januray) and sadly I post-pond  my preorder purchase of both of these items until mid-Januray. At that time when I was ready to order them... there before my eyes, the Shiraishi one wasn't available to pre order anymore.......... my expression was simply this "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CANNOT BE CEREAL!!!!, YOU CAN NOT~~!!!!!! SHIRAISHI~~~~~!!!!!!!! ;w; but after my little "my love is lost" thingy was done(yes I called that moment a "thingy" what are you gonna do about it?) I preordered the Seiichi one(luckly Seiichi was still available^w^) but I had a bifg problem with the payment. I used my debit card for the first time, and since that was my first activity I done online with my card, they detcted "unusual activity" >3< I messed up on confirming it on the phone so I have to get a new onw, but I didn't have time for that so I switched to paypal, but since I never payed an order from YesAsia with paypal, and I did with PlayAsia, the save accounts that I payed too. I accidentally sent it to PlayAsia, and I had to message them about the mistake. They sent the money back too my paypal "phew~" and I sent the payment to YesAsia. That was a not so fun adventure=3=

So enough chitchat here, here is the pics that I'm dieing to show off^w^

BEHOOOOOOO~LD~~~~~!!!!!!!<3  Seiichi Yukimura and all his smex~y glory>w<

A even more amazing close~up<3<3<3<3<3<3<3