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Item arrival part 2~~

Man its been so long since I posted part 1, aren't I lazy  and just a day ago I had to get my babytooth (that was fused to the bone) taken out>w>

Well, the other items besides the cosplay photobook, I gotten was.....*drum rolls*.... A Seiichi Yukimura Dakimakura(hugging pillow)-like blanket~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay here's the story how I found about this item, it was late November or early December, I was on my daily check on new releasing Prince of Tennis items on YesAsia. And I saw these two items that I couldn't belive I saw, these blankets that are Dakimakura-like because of the design on the blanket. One was Seiichi Yukimura and the other was Shiraishi Kuranosuke, both from Prince of Tennis. I was at amazement that they would release these as an official item. You had to preorder them(they came out at the end of Januray) and sadly I post-pond  my preorder purchase of both of these items until mid-Januray. At that time when I was ready to order them... there before my eyes, the Shiraishi one wasn't available to pre order anymore.......... my expression was simply this "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CANNOT BE CEREAL!!!!, YOU CAN NOT~~!!!!!! SHIRAISHI~~~~~!!!!!!!! ;w; but after my little "my love is lost" thingy was done(yes I called that moment a "thingy" what are you gonna do about it?) I preordered the Seiichi one(luckly Seiichi was still available^w^) but I had a bifg problem with the payment. I used my debit card for the first time, and since that was my first activity I done online with my card, they detcted "unusual activity" >3< I messed up on confirming it on the phone so I have to get a new onw, but I didn't have time for that so I switched to paypal, but since I never payed an order from YesAsia with paypal, and I did with PlayAsia, the save accounts that I payed too. I accidentally sent it to PlayAsia, and I had to message them about the mistake. They sent the money back too my paypal "phew~" and I sent the payment to YesAsia. That was a not so fun adventure=3=

So enough chitchat here, here is the pics that I'm dieing to show off^w^

BEHOOOOOOO~LD~~~~~!!!!!!!<3  Seiichi Yukimura and all his smex~y glory>w<

A even more amazing close~up<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Another items arrival today^^ Part 1

Today I finally recieve my 2 items I ordered off of YesAsai. I had quite a struggle on the payment, I used my debit card, and I had a b*tch of a time to confirm it to my payment but that didn't work, so I switch to paypal payment, but I accidently sent my money to PlayAsia and they were very noce to return it back to my account. Then I FINALLY got my payment through on YesAsia...... that was a adventure wasn't it~

So about the items I ordered. One was a photobook: Ultimate Player: Ikemen X Cosplay ... basically cute Japanese guys cosplaying. But all of them all are well known.
Here's some pics I took of the photobook.

The Cover of the photobook>w<

And this is the 1st page of the book and and the1st one I turn too. I couldn't bleive it, AIBA HIROKI~!!!!!!.......... I squee~~ so much when I saw him in it>w< He's my 2nd fave Fuji Shusuke(Kimeru being 1st) in Prince of Tennis musical~!


Ryuki Takahashi cosplaying as Kazuki Hihara from La Corda d'Oro. Ver~y cute^^

Taito Hashimoto(5th cast Fuji in Prince of Tennis musical>w<) cosplaying Azuma Yunoki from La Corda d'oro

Ryo Mitsuya cosplayin as Ryotaro Tsuchiura from La Corda D"oro

Yoshihide Sasaki cosplaying as ROY MUSTANG~~~~~!! EPICNESSSS~!!!>w< There's also Yuya Kido cosplaying as Edward Elric but I thought Roy was more important^^

And here are alot of behind the scenes shots. I would post more pics But I need my sleep. Night Everyone^^
Ahh~ my first journal... At first I didn't know what to write about, but something great happen today that I want to write about here. I got my two Valentine Kiss cds in the mail today,(even though I had to go to the Fedex place to pick it up^^')

Valentine Kiss is is the solo debut J-pop single from Sayuri Kokusho (it was billed on the cover as "Sayuri Kokushō with Onyanko Club) released on February 1, 1986. Its a very popular song^^

In Prince of Tennis character cd releases, the song is covered multiple times by multiple characters in the anime series from February 2004 through February 2010. Starting with Atobe Keigo(2004), Yuushi Oshitari(2005), Genichirou Sanada(2006?), Oishi Shuichiro(extra in his character album), Shishido Ryou(Also an extra in his character album), Kai Yujiroh(2008), Shiriashi Kuranosuke(2009), Niou Masaharu(2010), Hiyoshi Wakashi(2010) The albums are release at the beginning in February.

For this year's Valentine Kiss, just like last year, it is two releases. I was so happy when I heard that Ootori Choutaro is getting his turn on the Valentine Kiss train because Chouta~chan is a Valentines baby>w<(born on Valentines day). His vers. sounds so sweet just like him=w=

And the 2nd Valentine Kiss one was quite unexpected to me but I was so happy he's going to sing one. Fukushi Michiro, does anyone remember him? He's from Ginka, he's the guy who hid the two balls that Sakuno and Tomoka bought and drawn Ryoma's face on when Sakuno was looking for them. Also He stole one of Inui's drinks and thought that Seigaku got their strengh from so him and the rest of Ginka drank it and had to forfeit the match against Seigaku because of their stomachs hurt(obviously from Inui's drink). I, myself, absolutely
LOVE<3 Fukushi>w< loved his character song, Bang!Bang!?Bang? And now I love his vers. of Valentine Kiss. When I first heard heard him starting to sing Valentine Kiss, I literally squee like this "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~!<3<3<3<3<3">w< I loved it, right now since when I got the cds(like 6 pm) I listened to Fukushi's like 20 tomes by now=w=
Its a shame you don't get to see his face, I'm guessing he's still getting stomach aches from drinking Inui's drink. Poor kawaii Fuku~chan, I hope he gets better soon~