TAROUNDOU!!! ALL OF.......who are you?

I'm Canada

2 August
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Well I don't have much to say but(adjusts glasses). I'm a otaku(hardcore anime/manga), I usually obsessed with one anime at a time, but my main line obsess is Prince of Tennis. My hobbies are collecting data( like Inui and Renji from Prince of Tennis but, mostly like Inui because I keep my data in my book like folder). I collect data on anime/manga characters as much I can. I also go biking, and some tennis, I guess that's all I can say right now.....soooooo(adjusts glasses).....bye bye....hehe.

Wow that little bio up there was made like 2 years ago or something^^'' I my love for Prince of Tennis hasn't change but I need to fix up my bio when I have time~